LES Poland

Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)


Licensing Executives Society International (LES International) was founded in 1965 in the United States by a group of people involved in technology transfer. The founders felt that, at that time, the question of the economic use of intangible property was not sufficiently appreciated.


LES International is a forum for the exchange of information about the practice of marketing the intangibles. The Society deals with issues such as the valuation of intangible assets, clauses used in license agreements, selection of the strategies and partners during the economic exploitation of the intangible property.


The main objectives of the LES International are:

  • support of high standards, professional knowledge and ethics of those involved in intellectual property, including licensing and technology transfer, both nationally and internationally
  • deepening the awareness of governments, academics, business communities and professional organizations in the field of licensing, and
  • encouraging an environment which is favorable to licensing.

Currently, the Society consists of 32 national (regional) organizations, which cover a total of over 10 000 members. Each regional organization is an autonomous society affiliated with the LES International, which is managed and controlled by the Board of Delegates. The International Delegates are representatives appointed by the General Meeting of the members of regional societies, in the number proportional to the number of members of the societies. Each year the Delegates elect an Executive Committee, which oversees the work of LES International.


More information on the activity of LES International can be found on the website www.lesi.org, and on the activity of the individual national and regional societies on their websites (the list of societies available HERE) and on the website www.les-europe.org.


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